Queen’s Alman

This dance is for a processional line of couples (i.e. one behind the other).

Count Steps
Part A
16 Four alman doubles forward, starting on the left foot. Each double ends with a hop.
Part B
4 Alman double forward on the left foot.
4 Alman double backward on the right foot. On the last beat of this double, turn to face your partner and drop hands.
8 Set and turn single.
Take hands with your partner and face forward. The dance repeats from the beginning until the music ends.

Step Descriptions

Alman Doubles

A double consists of three steps with a pause at the end. An alman double ends with the free foot held slightly off the ground and forward (Arbeau calls this a “greve”). So a left alman double would go “left, right, left, end with right foot in the air”. Sometimes there will also be a small hop at the end as you raise your foot.

Set and Turn Single

The “set” is a single sideways step, bringing the feet together at the end (the same as a bransle step). The “set and turn single” figure is a set to the left, a set to the right, and a complete turn over the left shoulder with a double, starting on the left foot. Sometimes this may be done starting on the right foot (set right, set left, turn to the right), though direction is usually not specified. Start in whatever direction feels comfortable based on which foot is free.