Bransle Pinagay

This dance is for a line or circle of any number of dancers. You may hold hands or not as you prefer. The dance repeats as long as the music plays.

Count Steps
4 Double left.
1 Kick left.
4 Double left.
3 Kick left, kick right, kick left.
4 Double left.
4 Double right.

Step Descriptions

Bransle Single

The basic bransle step is a sideways step. A left single is done by stepping to the left with the left foot, then bringing the right foot next to it. A right single is the same thing in the opposite direction.

Bransle Double

The bransle double is simply two singles done in succession in the same direction.


Kicks in mixed bransles do not need to be enormous. To kick with the right foot, simply raise the right foot in the air and hop on the left foot.

Teaching Notes

Lorenzo Petrucci:
The movements of bransles usually match the tune of the music very closely. The music will usually tell you when to kick, or when to change from an A section to a B section. The music for this dance very clearly indicated where the kicks happen.