The Saltare Collegium

Each year, the guild sponsors an event dedicated to teaching dance, both European and Eastern. It is generally a one-day event with several tracks of classes, ending with a dance revel and hafla in the evening. This is the event to come to to learn new and challenging dances, or to present your innovative reconstructions. There are also plenty of classes suitable for the beginning or intermediate dancer as well. Any group can host the event, which allows the collegium to occur in a different part of the kingdom each year.

If you are interested in hosting Saltare, please refer to the Collegium Bid Guide.

Regional Dance Practices

We have recently begun organizing regional dance practices to provide an opportunity for newer dancers and dance teachers to learn from the more experienced dancers in the kingdom. These are unofficial one-day events (i.e. not on the kingdom calendar) focused on basic dances and building step vocabulary.

If you would like to help organize a practice for your region, pleaseĀ email the guild steward.