Bransle Montarde

This dance is for a line of couples. The number of dancers in the line is determined by the music, but almost all recordings are set for 4 dancers. Holding hands is possible, but is not recommended. The dance repeats as long as the music plays.

Count Steps
Part A
? Several singles to the left. The exact number depends on the music, though it is usually 8 or 16.
Part B
4 Person 1 (the one furthest to the left) turns in place, doing 4 kicks (left, right, left, right).
4 Person 2 does the same.
4 Person 3 does the same.
4 And so on down the line…
The dance repeats from the beginning with singles to the left. As the rest of the line begins moving, Person 1 weaves down through the other dancers to the end of the line, making Person 2 the new leader.

Step Descriptions

Bransle Single

The basic bransle step is a sideways step. A left single is done by stepping to the left with the left foot, then bringing the right foot next to it. A right single is the same thing in the opposite direction.


Kicks in mixed bransles do not need to be enormous. To kick with the right foot, simply raise the right foot in the air and hop on the left foot.