This year’s Saltare Collegium was a great success, but now is the time to start planning for the next one. To that end I have begun soliciting bids for the event. I have also enlisted the aid of some very talented people who have been generous enough to offer their services to the Guild.

First, I have given the position of Eastern Dance Deputy to Lady Cigan Oszinte from the Shire of Flintmarsh. She is very excited about the opportunity to get to know the members of the Eastern dance community and find new ways for Saltare to help them spread the joy of dance throughout the kingdom.

I have also appointed Lady Margavati from the Barony of South Downs as Collegium Deputy. She did an excellent job as event steward for this year’s Collegium, and expressed an interest in helping with the next one. As the Collegium is traditionally hosted by a different group each year, I thought it would be helpful to have someone for the next Collegium steward to consult with on the specific requirements of this event.

Email links for both of these ladies can be found on the Saltare website.

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