Dance Musician Resources

Live music is always a great addition to any dance experience, whether in a class or a revel. On this page you will find resources for sheet music and players for your dance band. If you have any suggestions for new links or would like to be listed on the musician roster, please email the guild steward.

For more information on music in the kingdom, you may contact Lady Fiona MacLachlan, the steward of the Meridian Minstrels' Guild

Music Resources

Early Period & Popular Dance Music by Al Cofrin (Master Avatar Catsprey)

The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes by Peter Barnes

The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, Volume Two by Peter Barnes

The Complete Country Dance Tunes (Playford's Dancing Master) edited by Jeremy Barlow

Eric Praetzel's Dance and Music Page

SCA Medieval and Renaissance Music Homepage

Kelhorn Corporation - Early music instruments

Boulder Early Music Shop - Sheet music and instruments

The Early Music Shop - Early music instruments

List of Musicians


Barony of Iron Mountain (Birmingham, AL)

Fiona macLachlan (Heather McGlaughlin Batey)
[flute, some recorder, (hopefully pennywhistles and percussion soon!)]

Shire of the Eagle (Auburn, AL)

Alywin Watkyns (Mike Watkins)
[Baglama Saz and Oud]

Shire of Thorngill (Montgomery, AL)

Celestine de Chatham (Laura Pate)
[Bodhran, Rhythm Fish, Claves, Tambourine, Bells, ]

Kevin Eriol (Everett Wallace)
[recorder (soprano, alto, tenor), guitar]

Signy Ingadottir (Diane Wallace)
[plucked psaltery, some percussion]


Cathlin Sommerfield
[recorders/Soprano, alto, tenor, sopranino]

Signy Dimmridaela (Tracie Brown)
[Recorders, crumhorn, harp, harpsichord]

Cynwrig ap Eynon (Bob Warren)
[doumbek (looking to expand that to jembe)]

Deirdre inghean ui Thighnearnain (Deedee Blackard)

Jibril al-Basir (Gabriel McCall)
[Hand drums]

Yves de Fortanier

Shire of Flintmarsh (Bainbridge, GA)

Cigan Oszinte (Janin Wise)
[doumbek, frame drum]

Shire of Owl's Nest (Kennesaw/Marietta/Smyrna, GA)

Majda Anwar (Majda A Qaqish)
[Violin, Sagat (finger cymbals), doumbek, voice ]


Shire of Loch an Fhraioch (Bowling Green, KY)

Zoya Ivanovna Rezanskaya (Zee Evelsizer)
[Recorder, Drums]