This dance is for a line of couples. The number of dancers in the line is determined by the music, but almost all recordings are set for 4 dancers. Holding hands is possible, but is not recommended. The dance repeats as long as the music plays.

Count Steps
Part A
? Several singles to the left. The exact number depends on the music, though it is usually 8 or 16.
Part B
4 Person 1 (the one furthest to the left) turns in place, doing 4 kicks (left, right, left, right).
4 Person 2 does the same.
4 Person 3 does the same.
4 And so on down the line...
The dance repeats from the beginning with singles to the left. As the rest of the line begins moving, Person 1 weaves down through the other dancers to the end of the line, making Person 2 the new leader.